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Drumsets Masterworks

Masterworks is your crowning achievement; a timeless heirloom statement crafted to elevate the custom drum concept to a whole new level.

You've Arrived. It's Time To Tell The World

Shell Materials

Choose from Maple, Birch, African Mahogany, Gumwood, or create your own Composite Shells.

Shell Thickness

Choose from THIN (4-ply, 5mm w/ 4-ply Reinforcement Rings), MEDIUM (6-ply, 7.5mm), and THICK (8-ply, 10mm and 10-ply, 12.5mm)

Custom Shell Interiors

Expand your tonal spectrum with three interior shell options: Artisan Veneers, Fiberglass, and CarbonPly.

Custom Shell Exteriors + A2 Custom Finish Grahics

Our custom shop imaging and finishing team can make it a reality over your choice of hand-matched exteriors or one of our seven Artisan Exotic veneers: Cameroon Tamo, Black Limba, Flame Maple African, Zebrawood, Bubinga, Eucalyptus, and Carbonply. 

Turning the drum shell into a blank canvas, Pearl employs our A2 process, an industry exclusive method, to print a choice of high definition graphics directly onto the outer shell ply without affecting the tone or structure of the drum. Consult your authorized Pearl Dealer for more information.

Bearing Edges

Masterworks offers a choice of five sonically-tested edges: Outer 45°, Outer 60°, Inner 45°, Rounded 45°, Fully Rounded

Lifetime Warranty

Sonic Select Shell Recipes

  • Pearl presents Sonic-Select Shell Recipes: five distinct, studio-tested drum formulas each fine-tuned for their given performance application. Choose from STUDIO, HERITAGE, URBAN, STADIUM, and MODERN DRY.
  • Gumwood plies option for Masterworks and Artisan (Inner and Middle plies only) Fully Rounded Edges Are Not Available On 10 Ply Shells.
  • 60º outer bearing edge and 45º degree inner bearing edge options.
  • Matte or Carbon Fiber Finishes.
  • Black Nickel Hardware option for Masterworks, Masterworks CarbonPly Maple, and Artisan.
  • Choice of Black Limba, Zebra, Curley Maple, and Gum inner and outer plies for Artisan finishes.
  • Choice of Golden Ratio Pentagonal Die Cast Air Vents or Standard Position Round Die Cast Air Vents.
  • ARL55/65 Arch Tube Lugs w/Swivel Function (on shells 5" - 6.5" deep).
  • STL200 Lug option for Bass Drums and Gong Drums.
  • Order with or without CHB830 Bass Drum Mount Cymbal Holder
  • Extra Long 27" Legs on Floor Tom Shell Depths 11" or less
  • Fill out the Order Form and contact a Pearl Masterworks Concierge Dealer or any Authorized Pearl Dealer to begin your Masterworks experience.

Wood Choices & Shell Thickness

For a totally personal sonic signature, of perfection. Masterworks has more options for shell composition than any other custom drum builder; making each drum a truly unique work of art.

Wood Characteristics



The perfect blend of tone, attack, and body.
• Ideal for general purpose applications.
• Equal tonal amounts of hi-end attack, mid-range body, and
low-end punch.
• North American hardwood with rich, even grain.




The precision choice for high-volume cut and power.
• Premium “white” wood with marbled, subdued grain.
• Excellent for stage and studio w/ boosted highs and mellow mids.
• “Built-in EQ” delivers articulate stroke with shorter, even decay.
African Mahogany

African Mahogany

Deep, powerful punch with dark, elegant tone.
• Boosted bottom-end perfect for controlled rooms/studios.
• Beautifully smooth midrange sustain and hi-end roll-off.
• Porous African wood with rich, dark texture and grain.

Composite Shell

The Ultimate Hybrid.
• Combining wood types blends each material's sonic character.
• Each cross-laminated two-ply panel is hand-selected for proper density, grain consistency, and color.



Explosive projection and increased volume.
• A medium-density wood that produces explosive tone.
• Ideal as a core-ply; enhances tonal character in surrounding plies.
• Projects w/substance and power as an interior/tone-ply.

Shell Thickness

Masterworks allows you to further tailor your drum tone by selecting the thickness of each shell.

Thin Shell

Thin Shell

(4-ply, 5mm w/ 4-ply Reinforcement Rings)

Responsive tonal sustain for the near-field environment.
Maximum tonal note for the
near-field environment.

Medium Shell

Medium Shell

(6-ply, 7.5mm)

Ideal for general purpose play. Excellent projection with full-bodied tonality.

Thick Shell

Thick Shell

(8-ply, 10mm and 10-ply, 12.5mm)

Maximum cut and projection
with subdued sustain.

Snare Shells

Your snare drum is as custom as the rest of your kit

Custom Snares

Pearl's Masterworks wood snare drums can be ordered with 1 - 20 ply shells with any number of wood combinations and bearing edges making it them of the most versatile wood snare drums available.

Diameter*1-ply 7.5mm4-ply 5mm6-ply 7.5mm8-ply 10mm10-ply 9mm10-ply 12.5mm20-ply 18mm20-ply 25mm
10" - Yes Yes Yes - - - -
12" - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
13" - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
14" Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
15" Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes Yes 
* 1-ply is a solid ply shell


Pearl’s Superior Shell Technology utilizes a proprietary technique for achieving the ultimate air chamber. It begins with select woods chosen for their unique acoustic attributes, milled to precise thickness with overlapping scarf joint seams, for a perfect air-tight fit. The wood plies are saturated with Pearl’s proprietary “AcoustiGlue” that permeates every pore and dries to the exact consistency of the wood for optimum resonance. Finally, the plies are formed in high-temperature molds with 1000 PSI of hydraulic pressure to produce perfect drum shells that exhibit superior tone, optimal resonance and extreme strength.


Snare Drums

DimensionsModel Number
10x4 MW1040S
10x5.5 MW1055S
10x6.5 MW1065S
12x4 MW1240S
12x5.5 MW1255S
12x6.5 MW1265S
13x4 MW1340S
13x5.5 MW1355S
13x6.5  MW1365S
14x5  MW1450S
14x5.5 MW1455S
14x6.5  MW1465S
14x8 MW1480S
15x5* MW1550S
15x5.5* MW1555S
15x6.5* MW1565S
*SuperHoop II only  

20-Ply Snare Drums (25mm or 18mm thick)

DimensionsModel Number
13x6.5* MW1365S
14x5* MW1450S
14x6.5* MW1465S
*45 degree edge only

1-Ply Maple Snare Drums

DimensionsModel Number
14x5* MW1450SOMC
14x5.5 MW1455SOMC
14x6.5 MW1465SOMC

Bass Drums

DimensionsModel Number
18x10 MW1810B
18x11 MW1811B
18x12 MW1812B
18x13 MW1813B
18x14 MW1814B
18x15 MW1815B
18x16 MW1816B
18x17 MW1817B
18x18 MW1818B
20x10 MW2010B
20x11 MW2011B
20x12 MW2012B
20x13 MW2013B
20x14 MW2014B
20x15 MW2015B
20x16 MW2016B
20x17 MW2017B
20x18 MW2018B
22x10 MW2210B
22x11 MW2211B
22x12 MW2212B
22x13 MW2213B
22x14 MW2014B
22x15 MW2215B
22x16 MW2216B
22x17 MW2217B
22x18 MW2218B
22x20 MW2220B
24x10 MW2410B
24x11 MW2411B
24x12 MW2412B
24x13 MW2413B
24x14 MW2414B
24x15 MW2415B
24x16 MW2416B
24x17 MW2417B
24x18 MW2418B
26x10 MW2610B
26x11 MW2611B
26x12 MW2614B
26x13 MW2613B
26x14 MW2614B
26x15 MW2615B
26x16 MW2616B

Gong Drums 

DimensionsModel Number
16x10 MW1610G
16x11 MW1611G
16x12 MW1612G
16x13 MW1613G
16x14 MW1614G
16x15 MW1615G
16x16 MW1616G
18x10 MW1810G
18x11 MW1811G
18x12 MW1812G
18x13 MW1813G
18x14 MW1814G
18x15 MW1815G
18x16 MW1816G
18x17 MW1817G
18x18 MW1818G
20x10 MW2010G
20x11 MW2011G
20x12 MW2012G
20x13 MW2013G
20x14 MW2014G
20x15 MW2015G
20x16 MW2016G
20x17 MW2017G
20x18 MW2018G
22x10 MW2210G
22x11 MW2211G
22x12 MW2212G
22x13 MW2213G
22x14 MW2214G
22x15 MW2215G
22x16 MW2216G
22x17 MW2217G
22x18 MW2218G

Floor Toms

DimensionsModel Number
13x7 MW1307F
13x8 MW1308F
13x9 MW1309F
13x10 MW1310F
13x11 MW1311F
13x12 MW1312F
13x13 MW1313F
14x7 MW1407F
14x8 MW1408F
14x9 MW1409F
14x10 MW1410F
14x11 MW1411F
14x12 MW1412F
14x13 MW1413F
14x14 MW1414F
15x7 MW1507F
15x8 MW1508F
15x9 MW1509F
15x10 MW1510F
15x11 MW1511F
15x12 MW1512F
15x13 MW1513F
15x14 MW1514F
15x15 MW1515F
16x7 MW1607F
16x8 MW1608F
16x9 MW1609F
16x10 MW1610F
16x11 MW1611F
16x12 MW1612F
16x13 MW1613F
16x14 MW1614F
16x15 MW1615F
16x16 MW1616F
18x7 MW1807F
18x8 MW1808F
18x9 MW1809F
18x10 MW1810F
18x11 MW1811F
18x12 MW1812F
18x13 MW1813F
18x14 MW1814F
18x15 MW1815F
18x16 MW1816F
18x17 MW1817F
18x18 MW1818F

Toms w/ Aluminum OptiMount

DimensionsModel Number
8x7 MW0807T
8x8 MW0808T
10x7 MW1007T
10x8 MW1008T
10x9 MW1009T
10x10 MW1010T
12x7 MW1207T
12x8 MW1208T
12x9 MW1209T
12x10 MW1210T
12x11 MW1211T
12x12 MW1212T
13x7 MW1307T
13x8 MW1308T
13x9 MW1309T
13x10 MW1310T
13x11 MW1311T
13x12 MW1312T
13x13 MW1313T
14x7 MW1407T
14x8 MW1408T
14x9 MW1409T
14x10 MW1410T
14x11 MW1411T
14x12 MW1412T
14x13 MW1413T
14x14 MW1414T
15x7 MW1507T
15x8 MW1508T
15x9 MW1519T
15x10 MW1510T
15x11 MW1511T
15x12 MW1512T
15x13 MW1513T
15x14 MW1514T
15x15 MW1515T
16x7 MW1607T
16x8 MW1608T
16x9 MW1609T
16x10 MW1610T
16x11 MW1611T
16x12 MW1612T
16x13  MW1613T
16x14 MW1614T
16x15 MW1615T
16x16 MW1616T

Bearing Edge

Nothing influences a drum’s overall response more than the bearing edge. Masterworks offers a choice of five sonically-tested edges, each of which can be configured individually by drum, application, and shell side.

Outer 45°

45° Bearing

Provides the perfect blend of attack and warmth.

Outer 60°

Outer 60° Bearing

Pulls brighter overtones from darker shells and increases punch.

Inner 45°

Inner 45° Bearing

Edge apex focused to the inner shell plies for controlled tonal response.

Rounded 45°

Rounded 45° Bearing

Greater head-to-shell contact boosts mid to high frequencies.

Fully Round

Fully Round Bearing

Boosts mid-to-low range response and reduces decay.

Drum Hardware

The Perfect Compliment to a Great Set of Drums

The same tireless pursuit of perfection that goes into our legendary drums is found in our drum hardware. With Masterworks, you get to choose which hoops (Die-Cast, Fat Tone, or SuperHoop II), lugs (BRL100, STL150, STL100, CL100), and mounting brackets (Aluminum OptiMount, Optimount, I.S.S.) go on your custom drums. Finally, your drum hardware can be plated with Chrome, Nickel, Black Chrome or Gold to make your drums truly unique.

Hardware Color Options

Color Options

Custom configure a choice of five different plating options to any one of our precision tuning lugs, hoops, and drum hardware.

  • (l to r) Chrome (CL100 Masters Maple Reserve/Masters Maple Complete Style Lug)
  • Nickel (STL100 Reference Pure Single Style Lug)
  • Gold (STL150 Reference Pure Style Lug)
  • Black Chrome (BRL100 Reference Style Lug)
  • Black Nickel (STL150 Reference Pure Single Style Lug)

Golden Ratio For Air Vents

The Golden Ratio, also known as the Golden Section, Golden Mean, Golden Rectangle, and the Divine Proportion, has fascinated mathematicians since the time of the Pharaohs. It is a mathematical constant (1.61803) that is found repeatedly in nature and has been used by artisans for generations to create art and structure with pleasing proportions.

Golden Ratio

Stradivarius applied the Golden Ratio to define the location of the "f-holes" and proportions of his masterwork violins. The exterior dimensions of the Parthenon are said to form a perfect Golden Rectangle. The proportions found in Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" follow the Golden Ratio. Intrigued by this, our engineers asked if the Golden Ratio was applicable to drums and more specifically to the location of the air vents.

For every drum depth there is an upper and lower Golden Ratio location, and testing revealed that the upper location noticably improves attack, which is perfect for snare drums, while the lower position improves low frequency response, ideal for toms and bass drums. Pearl's revolutionary new Golden Ratio air vents are so unique they're patent pending.

Experience the sound of Golden Ratio air vents, centuries in the making, exclusively on Masterworks Series drums.

Hoop Designs

MasterCast Die-Cast Hoop

MasterCast Die-Cast Hoop

Gives each drum added weight for tonal body, and increases volume in each stroke, particularly in rim-shot hits and high-velocity play.

FatTone Hoop

1.6mm FatTone Hoop

FatTone hoops are low mass hoops with hemmed and welded edges for strength and rigidity.

Super Hoop II

2.3 SuperHoop II

Made to withstand heavy play without an undue limit on the performance across the tuning range.

Lug Designs

BRL Lugs

BRL Swivel Tube Lugs

This medium-weight STL swivel lug with pivoting tension casing increases projection and reduces unwanted overtones in shell resonance.

Bridge Lugs

Bridge Lugs

A Pearl staple, the CL bridge lug gives the drum a classic look and contacts the shell in separate points for the right amount of vibration control.

Swivel Tube Lugs

STL Swivel Tube Lugs

Pearl’s revolutionary swivel tube lugs assure perfect rod to lug alignment for optimal seating and precision tuning.

Swivel Lugs

STL Swivel Lugs

With less direct shell contact than any other Pearl lug, this little wonder features a pivoting brass tension casing that guarantees even tuning and reduced resistance to shell vibration.


Imagine, Design, Play.

Configure your perfect visual statement from a virtually unlimited palette of customized finish options; from Gloss, Satin, and Sparkle Lacquers in Solid or Burst/Fade finishes, to Pinstriping, Banding, and even Custom Graphics.

Our custom shop imaging and finishing team can make it a reality over your choice of hand-matched exteriors or one of our seven Artisan Exotic veneers.


Order Form

Order Form

The drumset of your dreams is waiting to be built.

Use this order form to design each of your components, then bring in the completed paperwork to a Pearl Masterworks Concierge Dealer or any Authorized Pearl Dealer to begin your Masterworks experience.

Download Masterworks Order Form


Download Sonic Select Shell Order Form