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Timpani Schnellar Series Timpani


Adams introduces the Schnellar Series timpani, the world famous sound of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam – a sound now available to the rest of the world for the very first time. These new timpani were painstakingly developed based on the original Schnellar timpani the Concertgebouw Orchestra used for decades, while utilizing modern Adams innovations to optimize the power and complexity of these magnificent instruments.

A unique base with only three legs was developed to enhance the tonal character of a unique tuning system, in which the tension rods and head stay stationary, while the bowl itself moves vertically to change pitch. Special calf heads feature a claw tension system, eliminating the counterhoop, which helps produce the pure tones of the pointed, hammered copper shells. Models are also available with Remo Rennaisance heads with counterhoops. Adams Schnellar timpani are available in 20”, 23”, 25”, 26”, 28”, 29” and 32” sizes.

Schnellar Timpani come standard with flight cases and a wheeled cart for easy transportation. Schnellar timpani are also available in "Kurbel " or Hand Crank versions without pedal mechanisms by Special Order.

Adams Schnellar Timpani are available in the US and Canada by Special Order Only. Contact a Pearl/Adams Authorized Dealer for more information.


Unlike other common molding methods used to create Timpani bowls today, all Adams timpani bowls are press formed from a single sheet of supreme quality copper. Seamless and free of any welds or soldering, the bowl is allowed to resonant freely and evenly. This forming method also ensures an even thickness throughout the entire kettle, resulting in the ultimate in both tonal quality and projection.

The Schnellar Series timpani are produced in a shape that is the perfect balance of historical design and modern technology. Each bowl is the ideal shape for classical performance to bring out all the nuance of the music.

Adams Shell


Special Order Configurations

PLSDK Kurbel (Crank) with Calf Heads and Road Case

Model NumberSize
PLSD20K 20”
PLSD23K 23”
PLSD25K 25”
PLSD26K 26”
PLSD28K 28”
PLSD29K 29”
PLSD32K 32"

PLSDL Dresden Pedal with Calf Heads and Road Case

Model NumberSize
PLSD20L 20”
PLSD23L 23”
PLSD25L 25”
PLSD26L 26”
PLSD28L 28”
PLSD29L 29”
PLSD32L 32"

PLSDLP Dresden Pedal with Plastic Heads and Road Case

Model NumberSize
PLSD20LP 20”
PLSD23LP 23”
PLSD25LP 25”
PLSD26LP 26”
PLSD28LP 28”
PLSD29LP 29”
PLSD32LP 32"