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Timpani Professional Generation II

The slogan "Sound of Quality" perfectly reflects what Adams stand for. Adams continuously applies developments which lead to improvements in sound and in durability. It's clear that these innovations have had significant influence on the evolution of the timpani. With the introduction of the Professional Gen II Adams once again sets the standard in orchestral instrument manufacturing.


Adams Professional Generation II

Wheels & Legs

  • New commercial grade locking, double-wheel swivel casters
  • Stylish legs offer a wider stance – greater stability and safer maneuverability
  • Integrated locking third wheel assembly on the player’s side – silent moving, yet rock solid parking

NEW large commercial grade locking, double-wheel swivel casters and stylish base legs with a wider stance. This adds greater stability while being played, and safer maneuverability. The legs are independently attached to the base casting, allowing for leg replacement in the event of damage or abuse. In addition, the Professional Gen2 drums feature an integrated locking third wheel assembly on the player’s side with two permanently affixed wheels with brakes allowing for effortless and silent moving, yet rock solid parking.

Professional Generation II

NEW Patented Balanced Action Pedal Mechanism

  • Adjustable spring tension
  • The pedal action is smooth over an extended tuning range
  • Fully adjustable via the tension knob

GEN2 timpani feature an all-new patented balanced action pedal mechanism with adjustable spring tension. With this all-new mechanism, the pedal action is smooth over an extended tuning range with a familiar balanced feel and adjustability via a tension knob.

Professional Generation II

The Professional GEN2 Bowl

  • Suspended from a single flange chrome plated steel ring for maximum pitch focus and sustain
  • All supported by heavy duty strong struts
  • Chrome plated counter hoops to complete the look

The Professional Gen2 bowl is suspended from a single flange chrome plated steel ring supported for maximum pitch focus and sustain all supported by heavy duty strong struts. Chrome plated counter hoops complete the look.

4 styles & 3 Configurations

  • Hammered, cambered hammered and polish copper, as well as fiberglass bowl options
  • Set of 5 (standard sizes) 20,23,26,29,32

The Gen2 Series timpani are available with hammered, cambered hammered and polished copper, as well as fiberglass bowl options in 5 standard sizes 20, 23, 26, 29, 32.


  • Tuning gauges
  • Drop covers
  • Mutes
  • Tuning keys
  • Remo Renaissance heads

Finally, all Adams timpani include tuning gauges, drop covers, mutes, tuning key, and ship with Remo Renaissance heads.


Unlike other common molding methods used to create Timpani bowls today, all Adams Professional GEN 2 Series Timpani bowls are press formed from a single sheet of supreme quality copper. Seamless and free of any welds or soldering, the bowl is allowed to resonant freely and evenly. This forming method also ensures an even thickness throughout the entire kettle, resulting in the ultimate in both tonal quality and projection. The bowls are suspended by a strong single flange chrome steel ring to maintain bowl roundness and offer the best protection during transport.

Adams Shell

Professional Series bowls are hammered to increase each drum’s frequency range and to produce a clear, pure tone. The Symphonic Series comes standard with parabolic shaped hammered bowls, but can also be special ordered with cambered hammered bowls, to further enhance the outstanding sound quality offered by these superb Timpani.

P2DH Hammered Cambered Copper

Adams Professional Generation II Shell

This type of bowl is our top-of-the-range model. The quality of the tone is really focused. The tone is very warm. This type of bowl is used in the Professional series, Symphonic series and Philharmonic series timpani.

P2KH Hammered Copper

Adams Professional Generation II Shell

This type of bowl has the best price-quality ratio. Compared to the Polished Copper you pay a little more, but you get a tone that is more focused and direct.

P2KG Polished Copper

Adams Professional Generation II Shell

Copper gives a richer and more vivid tone than fiberglass. There is only a small difference in weight compared to fiberglass, but a much improved projection and sustain.

P2FI Fiberglass

Adams Professional Generation II Shell

The main characteristics of fiberglass timpani are a lower weight and cost effectiveness. The fiberglass Professional Series drums offer a great value and fantastic performance quality.


All Adams Professional GEN2 Series timpani arrive with tuning gauge standard, short drop covers, mutes, Remo Renaissance heads, and tuning key.

Available range for Universal, Professional and Symphonic Timpani

Adams Timpani Configuration Range

Standard Configurations

P2DH Hammered Cambered Copper with Fine Tuner

Model NumberSize
P2DH20FT 20”
P2DH23FT 23”
P2DH26FT 26”
P2DH29FT 29”
P2DH32FT 32”
P2DHSET2FT 26” & 29”
P2DHSET4FT 23,26,29,32”
P2DHSET5FT 20,23,26,29,32”

P2DH Hammered Cambered Copper

Model NumberSize
P2DH20 20”
P2DH23 23”
P2DH26 26”
P2DH29 29”
P2DH32 32”
P2DHSET2 26” & 29”
P2DHSET4 23,26,29,32”
P2DHSET5 20,23,26,29,32”

P2KH Hammered Copper

Model NumberSize
P2KH20 20”
P2KH23 23”
P2KH26 26”
P2KH29 29”
P2KH32 32”
P2KHSET2 26” & 29”
P2KHSET4 23,26,29,32”
P2KHSET5 20,23,26,29,32”

P2KG Polished Copper

Model NumberSize
P2KG20 20”
P2KG23 23”
P2KG26 26”
P2KG29 29”
P2KG32 32”
P2KGSET2 26” & 29”
P2KGSET4 23,26,29,32”
P2KGSET5 20,23,26,29,32”

P2FI Fiberglass

Model NumberSize
P2FI20 20”
P2FI23 23”
P2FI26 26”
P2FI29 29”
P2FI32 32”
P2FISET2 26” & 29”
P2FISET4 23,26,29,32”
P2FISET5 20,23,26,29,32”



D3000TC Throne

Pearl D3000TC Timpani / Conductors Throne Hydraulic Height Adjustment with Backrest

Short Drop Covers

Model Number Drum Size Description
TPCV-20 20” Nylon
TPCV-23 23” Nylon
TPCV-25 25” Nylon
TPCV-26 26” Nylon
TPCV-28 28” Nylon
TPCV-29 29” Nylon
TPCV-30 30” Nylon
TPCV-32 32” Nylon

Short Drop Covers

Long Drop Covers

Model Number Drum Size Description
TPCV-20L 20” Vinyl w/zipper front
TPCV-23L 23” Vinyl w/zipper front
TPCV-25L 25” Vinyl w/zipper front
TPCV-26L 26” Vinyl w/zipper front
TPCV-28L 28” Vinyl w/zipper front
TPCV-29L 29” Vinyl w/zipper front
TPCV-30L 30” Vinyl w/zipper front
TPCV-32L 32” Vinyl w/zipper front

Long Drop Covers


Model Number Description
PM-100 Adams Timpani Key
PBA-02 Adams Felt Timpani Mute w/cord



Adams Products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase. Mallets bar sets are entitled to one (1 ) free tuning during the the period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase. Individual bars may be exchanged as often as necessary during the period of one (1) year the date of original purchase. For Rosewood and Padouk bars, Adams highly recommends waiting for nine (9) months from the date of original purchase before exchanging or tuning the bars to allow them to acclimate to your environment.


This Warranty Does Not Cover
This warranty shall not apply to the following: sticks, brushes, beaters, springs, straps, slings, heads, wire snares, cable snares, gut snares, snare cords/straps, cymbals, bass drum hoop protectors, or damage resulting from misuse, negligence, and/or alterations or additions to the product after acceptance.  Pearl’s warranty does not apply to failures caused by the following:  a.)  Improper maintenance or repair, including the installation of parts or components that do not conform to the quality and specification of the original.  b.)  Instruments that have been altered, modified or have been damaged through misuse, negligence or improper operation.  c.)  Instruments whose trademark, name or identification number has been changed or removed.  d.)  Instruments subjected to abnormal strain, neglect, abuse, modification or exposure to extreme variances in temperature or humidity.  e.)  Special Finishes - Drum hardware and stands ordered with Black Chrome plated, Gold plated, Satin Chrome plated, Black Nickel plated, and lacquered finishes are highly sensitive to cosmetic damage that can occur during normal handling and use.  Therefore, no warranty of any kind, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, is provided against cosmetic defects or appearance damage to these finishes. 

The obligation created by this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the defective item at Pearl’s sole discretion.

Owner’s Responsibility
It is important that the owner/user be familiar with the proper maintenance and use of their Pearl instrument. Keep this warranty and proof of purchase in a safe place.  Be prepared to provide purchase information to avoid undue difficulties in determining eligibility for warranty protection. If any service is not performed by Pearl, it will terminate this warranty.

To Obtain Warranty Service
Warranty service may be obtained by first notifying the Pearl dealer from which the product was originally purchased.  Upon notification, the Pearl dealer must obtain Return Authorization from the Pearl Customer Service Department.  This number must be written plainly on the outside of the package or the returned shipping carton will be refused.  Returned merchandise must be accompanied by a copy of the original sales receipt.  All freight and insurance must be prepaid by the original owner.  Pearl will stand return freight, provided the defect is adjudged to be covered by warranty.  Merchandise found to be not covered by warranty will be returned freight collect.

Warranty Limitations
This Limited Warranty is exclusive and made in lieu of all other warranties, and all implied warranties, including without limitation any warranties of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose which are hereby expressly disclaimed. In no event will responsibility be accepted for incidental or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever. Some states do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty may last. Therefore, the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to stat