Pearl Drums
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About Pearl Pearl Group

The Pearl Group of Companies

  • Pearl North AmericaPearl North America:
    Pearl Corporation
    549 Metroplex Drive
    Nashville TN. 37211-3140
    Telephone (615)-833-4477
  • Pearl Musical InstrumentPearl Musical Instrument Co.:
    10-2-1 Yachiyodai-Nishi,
    Yachiyo, Chiba, JAPAN
  • Pearl EuropePearl Music Europe:
    B.V. Crenakker 28 5951CC
    Belfeld, Nederland
  • Pearl Musical instrument Co, of TaiwanPearl Musical Instrument Co, of Taiwan:
    NO.15, Rd. South Round,
    Taichung Export Processing Zone,
    Tantzu, Taichung, Taiwan
  • Republic of China Pearl Musical Instrument (Hangzhou) Co.Republic of China Pearl Musical Instrument (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd.:
    Hangzhou Export Processing Zone, Road 12,
    HETZ, Zhejiang, China